Saturday, 9 June 2007

Boys in the grass.

Hey... more fields... more grass. It's getting a bit long - time they cut it cos AlphaB is sneezing tons and we have to leap through it..

The girls are slightly more sedate about this and wait for a wide bottomed AlphaB to blaze a trail through the high grass.

(that's Meg's blurry head right at the back....)


Charlie said...

Those are 3 HAPPY-looking dogs!!
- Charlie

wally said...

Wow. That's grass fit only for SUMDs. I'd get lost. Or need a BIG butt to clear the way for me. Yup, my ma ape could do it.


General Jackson said...

Don't fancy that grass! Not much of a view for a proper dog!

What was Dogfather thinking of taking photos of Girl's bottoms? (if it was him and I suspect that I am right)
He should have been clearing a track!

Very impolite!



Bella said...

Brilliant action shots running through the grass - I'm gonna tell mama to get some of us mutts too.

Sophie Brador said...

Those boys seem way too smiley!