Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Baked-on stains ???

Try the all new improved 'Meggie-Moo' (tm).

With super long pink tongue, ideal for those crusty yummy bits at the edge of the dish.

No plate is too large, no crusty edge too tough.

The all new 'Meggie-Moo' (tm), can be used indoors, or outside.

Just try (keeping her off!!!) the 'Meggie-Moo' (tm) on plates, trays, cutlery.

Can even be applied to Paella dishes...

The 'Meggie-Moo' (tm) is not available in shops,
but if you order yours with a card
(which has lots of available credit, we think you KNOW what we mean...),

we'll give you our new patented "tail dipping kit" FREE!!!

The 'Meggie-Moo' (tm) don't leave home without one...


nm said...

Very impressive your ability to grasp delicate china between your sparkling gnashers.

I am not that suave.


General Jackson said...

Hi Megs!!
You look as sexy as ever!

None of the SUMDs appreciate you as much as I do.

I love the way you drag your tail through your bowl.Bassets use their ears but we can't all have everything.


Finnegan said...

Nice tail action! I think it's always good to get the tail wet or muddy. Better for messing up the humans' stuff!