Saturday, 28 April 2007

Dogs With Blogs Pawty

There is a an online group of perfectly sane dogs with nutty humans who blog for their dogs. Obviously this does not include the Tigh Gadhar hounds (that's us lot here).

Anyway Dogs With Blogs is having its first anniversary and a 48 hour online Wine and Cheese party this weekend.

So what do the dogs think of all this?

Bootsie... "It's so funny - I can't stop laughing"

KuBrin "Dogs with whats?"

Tealeaf "hurry up and get the cheese"

Megan "Do Empresses have to attend?"

Cleo "I think I drank too much wine"


Roo said...

It was so great meeting you all at the DWB's Pawty! Did we have FUN or WHAT?!!! Love your blog and after Pawty pics!

Your pal,

General Jackson said...

Hi there my old mates! It looks as if you still have not found out how to hold your liquor!

Actually I am feeling a little frayed round the edges myself!

Perhaps the hair of the human that bit us in the morning?


Finnegan said...

WHOOHOO PARTY! Whoops, too late. I just had a little sip of Guinness. BURP.