Tuesday, 3 April 2007

We have a BLOG?

When did that happen? Why did no-one tell ME? I'm always the last to know....

anyway, I am the ORIGINAL lurcher. All these others are late comers. I was here FIRST.

I am slinky and black and have very loooong tail. And my middle name is Vladimir (just call me Count Boots).

One of my favorite things to do is squeeze myself into the smallest dog bed I can find. That way no wrinkly dwarves will try to wriggle in with me.

And I look good in wet.

For the most part I don't have a lot to say, I'm the strong silent type, even though I know more words than the other 4 put together.


General Jackson said...

Hi Boots, I bet I could squeeze into that bed! I have learned to curl up just like you! In fact the bed that you all sent with me on my travels is the same size as the one in the picture!

Anyway it is time you got some meat on those bones! You still look anorexic especially when wet!

good to see you


nm said...

Ernest says you resemble a seal, it is a good thing, especially when it comes time for makerel.

Today I took my ailing mother for several walks suitable for invalids, then I curled up like a cut worm, which means that I can too curl up in smallish spaces.


Ally said...

You guys are a nice crowd to be around. Wish we had folks like you over here in Thailand.

I am linking your blog to mine if thats ok.

Dogs Rule !

Kerrio said...

Thanks ally :) - we actually sponsor 3 SOI dogs in Thailand... a drop in the ocean I know. I admire your dedication, you really are in the front line.

Finnegan said...

I tried sleeping in my kitty friends' beds when I was puppy but all I could get in was my big bum! Mummy has the old fashioned photos but hasn't bought a scanner yet to put them in the computer. SHE thinks they are funny. I think I looking fabulous!