Sunday, 15 April 2007

Not Enough Sofas?

Cleo here.

Someone commented that we possibly do not have enough sofas. While I'm sure it's true that you can NEVER have enough sofas (and Alpha-B did give away one of ours to some more needy dogs), we do just have enough sofas (if you count the chair) to go around, as long as the humans sit on the floor.

This was our saturday morning wakeup call:

Me on the Blue Sofa

Tealeaf on "his" (yeah -right!) chair

KuBrin on the green 2 seater being woken up by the DogFather

Boots on the green 3 seater

Megan on her very own sofa. "Would you get that camera out of my face - I'm TRYING to sleep"

As you can see, none of us are in any particular rush to get up. We generally hang around working on our sofa-surfing techniques until the telltale sound of bowl rattling rouses us. Neither do we seem to spend a huge amount of time sleeping in DOG beds (of which there were at last count 8 in the house).

We had a really great weekend, though the weather here was VERY hot, we managed to make the humans stay at home almost the whole time, apart from one essential trip to the very-nice-butchers (more of them... later).


Peanut said...

I have a sofa also but I have to share it with my brother Flash which just isn't right. I think all humans should give up the sofas to us dogs.

General Jackson said...

That's what I mean. Single seat chairs for dogs? Nahaaaaaaa!!

Three seats minimum for real spread!

nm said...

I still sleep in my crate most nights.

Yours jealously,


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi dogs

You all look great on your sofas (and chair), but how come you wait to be woken up? I always go and tell master when it is time to get up. Sometimes he plays dead, but I know he is playing so I go in again a few mins later.

Are beds like rugs? I have lots of those. They need washing though.