Sunday, 1 April 2007

The shame of it all...

The humans have defluffed me.

I am a NEKID dog.

Did all that come from ME???
I am so embarressed.

Am I still beautiful?


Amandochka said...

Oh you are THE MOST beautiful dog I have ever seen! You can come play at my house anytime - defluffed or not!!

General Jackson said...

I'll bet your daddy did not do that!!

However it is an improvement! Why not try it as short as mine (saves a lot of trouble)

Great to see you all on the web!!


GJ (aka. Wrinkly Dwarf)

nm said...

You are very handsome. Will consider a tour of the United States so that I can practise my dog jumping? I like to jump over taller dogs!


Finnegan said...

You look marvelous!