Friday, 27 April 2007


Now... while we await the artistic rear-end shots... here's a few bums.

Human Bums (Sam & Vicky) with a side order of Boots bum.

Flying bums....

Drinking Bums....

And the good old fall back... Sniffing bums...

And finally there's the old "Who on earth let this bum in"


Katherine and Pippa said...

Not quite what we expected - maybe we won't be quite so hasty in our call for photos.......
So who's is the last one?? Pipps and Kate

General Jackson said...

This could be the start of something!


macgoogle said...

Bottoms up and bums away! He he he.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

nm said...

My bum is currently under my post-walk, post-breakfast under the duvet nap.

I am not having a picture of my bum taken until I clear it with my people and their people.


PiratesGrrl said...


The Brat Pack

Kyre. said...

"Drinking Bums"!! Makes me think of a bunch of dogs down at the dock sharing a few pints and sniffing one another!

Sunshade said...

OMG!! All those muscle butts! I like I like, I got a big muscle butt too, that's one of my many nick names from mum!

Are you guys ready for the PAWTY??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Finnegan said...

Where's the Meggie bum? Geez!



P.S. Handsome Finny photos should be up this weekend.