Sunday, 8 April 2007

Busy Deerhound

I had much to do yesterday, (after breakfast in bed)

Alpha-B (or mum as I like to call her) has her very own playpen. It's made of glass and she spends a lot of time carting trays of mud with little green bits sticking out in and out of it. I'm not sure quite what its all about but I do feel duty bound to lend a paw at times.

Those are my paw prints in the mud. I thought the crater at the far end was an especially good touch, mum can plant something BIG in there.

After some muttering about "decimated early radishes" and "resewing pea seeds" we went for a walk down by the Thames (it's a big wet patch).

Looks like another dog was here lending a paw before me:

Sometimes I am so busy sniffing and exploring I am at risk of being left behind:

"OY - You lot - wait for ME!"


Peanut said...

You had a very busy day. I am sure your mom was very happy with your help.

wally said...

What a busy weekend? When do you get to rest?

My sis would fit right in with your pack--do you want her? Her food stays with me.


ps. You can't really have my sis. I just pretend I don't like her.

nm said...

We have one of those too. They are going to tear it down and build a library! Can you believe that, it means that I will get to eat books at home and they can't fine me!


I love to help garden too. I like to prune woody things. I'm not my help with other things until it is time to harvest.



Kyre. said...


You are so gorgeous, that smile in your last picture needs to go in your portfolio! The paparazzi will eat that up!

Ky and Ko.

Kerrio said...

Every day and every walk is precious. At 15 and epileptic to boot Megan is really living on borrowed time.

Which won't stop us from enjoying every moment of her company. (Not too sure about the singing though).


Sophie Brador said...

Sounds like a great life to me!