Friday, 13 April 2007


Tealeaf here..

I think that Ernest's dream chair looks suspiciously like mine. Except mine is in green leather.

Waddya reckon? Did Alpha B pay $2200 for it?

Of course - his might be wider... but then he does need room for his ears.


Bella said...

perfect fit suits you just fine & ideal for the quick brush off, of any fur that one might 'accidentally leave behind
I want one too - must speak to my mama.


Katherine and Pippa said...

You look so cool. A chair, a sofa, (or two) doesn't matter so long as we are all comfy.

Who is that trying to skulk out of the window?

Pipps (I don't have any chairs - do I need one?)

nm said...

Ernest would like any chair, his moms were dreaming.

His chair has certain requirements - must have wide enough back so that ernest may lie on the back in wait for his peeps. Comfortable enough that he can spend his evening in it and nice enough that we can use it too.

It is a difficult balancing act.

We're perusing craigslist right now.

Max to be spent, 8 euros based on today's dollar valuation.

He said let price be no object.

nm (ernest's shorter mum)

Sophie Brador said...

Nice chair! Sophie prefers the couch, herself. She likes to stretch out her back legs when she sleeps. On another note, she's very envious of Finnegan's love for you.

General Jackson said...

Nothing shorter than a three seat sofa for me!

A dog needs to be able to stretch right out when he wants to.

Tealeaf, you know that you taught me!