Monday, 2 April 2007

Funny turns

I've had another epiglottal apopleptic apocalipstick funny turn.

But I'm ok now. It's an ill wind that blows no good (or at least an ill wind that emerges from a wolfhound's bum, but that's another matter) and the good bit is the humans make more of a fuss of me and give me more treats.

Meanwhile my cunning plan is working.....

I like muffins.


Kerrio said...

By way of explanation - Our Meg is epileptic - not an uncommon condition in dogs, though a tough one to live with.

It's no laughing matter - but like many epileptic dogs (or in her case - ducks) she lives a full and happy life.

For useful info on Canine Epilepsy - see:

nm said...

I think if I were you I would have held out for a pork pie. Muffins are an overrated and truly american/canadian invention.

Pork pies are much better for you.