Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Human birthdays

Yesterday was my uncle Sam's birthday. And I did NOT get chocolate cake. Those humans are mean. I did however get to do my second favourite thing, which is shredding paper:

What with it being a long weekend, we've been for lots of walks, which is a bit tiring, especially since we HAVE to chase all the rabbits in the woods:


Wot Rabbit?

Fortunately the humans go back to work today so we can concentrate on some intense sofa surfing....

Can we get a bigger sofa please, the blond lump is squishing me?


Bella said...

Hi there,
I love paper shredding too - matter of fact that's what I'm doing now with all the tissues that are lyihg around - mummy has a cold.
Birthday wishes to your Uncle & we love the pictures - especially the one hsowing the 'need' for a bigger sofa hee heee


nm said...

How unfortunate that Sam did not have a spice cake or a yellow cake or a liver cake that he could share with everyone!

However, you are lucky they were home yesterday on their bank holiday to spend time with you.

I was in lock down in the car for the day. Nice as it was for walks and what not, no couch in sight.


Finnegan said...

The blond lump only wants to be cozy with you! They should get treats for you since they had a celebration. It's only fair!


General Jackson said...

You taught me to shred and I have to say that it certainly gets a reaction! Especially shredding books!

To do it properly you need one sofa each! Tealeaf, you need to stretch out a bit the Big Yen will move! (I know. He always did for me!)

I hope Sam will have another birthday cake after he comes home. Cake is my favorite!

Katherine and Pippa said...

I am on my own and I have a fine sofa. I can curl up very small. Haven't they bought you a sofa each yet? And remember it is ALWAYS YOURS. Sofas are not for humans. They need to be busy and move around and do not need much recuperation like us hard-snoozing dogs. Ruff, Pipps.

Billy said...

Well hello there! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging for dogs! I'm a rescue dog too and it's so nice to see others rescued too...we are truly one big happy family here:) Glad to have you aboard!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)