Thursday, 12 April 2007

Deerhound qualities....

Now there is a very special wolfie out there in blog land called Finnegan. He is special because he has fallen for my Deerhound qualities.

As you can see... I DO make wolfies go weak at the knees.....

But us Empresses are famously hard to please and are there are very important choices to be made....

"Finnegan or steak.... Finnegan or steak...."

Right now it's between Finnegan and Steak, but I don't have a picture of Finnegan.

I think I need a Finnegan pic.


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

You can't do better than Finn - he's a true gentleman!

macgoogle said...

Why not Finny and steak? Take enough for both of you. Aw... perfect match!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

nm said...

I would go for a dog friend over steak. Two dogs can make a great diversion to get more steak and dogs are way better than steaks, they last longer and you can always sleep on your dog friend, but not on a steak.



Finnegan said...

I think you should select me! Together we can get all the steaks in the world and I will even let you eat all of them.

*Eyes twinkle*


wally said...

I agree with Finnegan--take him AND steak dinners!