Monday, 16 April 2007


Tealeaf here...

After our uncharacteristically early morning wakeup call on Saturday the humans disappeared for a bit leaving us hounds to have our customary post-breakfast snooze (sofas are optional for this).

The good news is that they did go to visit our local very-nice-butchers. The butchers know all about us dogs and keep bones for us (in exchange for a small donation to Sue Ryder Care which is really nice, cos everyone benefits: we get bones, the butchers get rid of them, and the charity gets some money (and our humans get some peace while we munch)).
So, if you can overlook the similarity to a scene from the BBC documentary "Death in the Serengeti", here's us lot doing our "Mad dogs and Englishmen" act on Saturday:

Here is Meggie-moo sneaking her's inside, even though she KNOWS it's not allowed.

Cleo getting down for a good munch.

QB NOT hogging the biggest bone.

Boots being very dainty with his.

ME hogging the biggest bone (actually I like to collect a pile and keep them all for myself).

Exhausting work, this bone chewing. And it was hot.

Time for more sofa surfing methinks.


Finnegan said...

Meggie looks so pretty with her big scary bone.


General Jackson said...

Those bones look scrumptious but here in the South Atlantic we have seriously large bones!! I will try and sent you a picture of some.

I still miss you skinny mutants!

GJ xxx

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hi there Tealeaf and the rest of the gang,

this is my first visit to your smelly blogplace, thanks for droppin' by mine. You guys look cool, I think we'd get on well.

Go with the bones. Yahoo. Must be time for me to get one soon.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Adelita said...

Delicatessen ;)