Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Shhhh - don't tell the Dogfather

I was told not to tell. But it's not just those lurchers who are snitches. Deerhounds are too.

I had to go back to the V.E.T this morning for another checkup, I'm doing fine and getting used to my new meds, but one of the side effects is that I'm a tad wobbly on my old pins (getting better) and not up for much walking.

So the Dogfather took the youngsters out and left me and Alpha-B at home, and I went for the sympathy vote.

Anyway - apparently there was not much leftover-sausage-and-black-pudding casserole in the fridge and it would not have gone far even if the Dogfather did have his eye on it. In fact it did not go far at all. As far as my tummy.

Not ONLY did I get leftover-sausage-and-black-pudding casserole, I snuck it ouf of Boot's bowl. Ha Ha.

Oo that was yummy, is there any underneath....?

Any more?

Well that was nice for an appertiser.... what's for main course? I see there are steaks in the fridge....

Paw Script
We've not told the Dogfather yet - we are going to wait and see how long he takes to spot this....


The Dog Father said...

Hmmmm, so there's me out in blizzards, snow and sleet walking a bunch of reprobate lurchers and a dopey blond wolfhound, and the most bestest nicest din-dins in the world VANISHES down the throat of a scroatie old munster ???

This calls for a chinese takeaway ;-)...

Kerrio said...

It was sunny. And mild. Not even a breeze.

You can have steak ok?

nm said...

Ernest says, boo on the blood pudding, but he'll take a steak any day.

He's coming to your house for sunday roast.


macgoogle said...

He he he he - sneaking stuff from the Fridge with Mum. Sounds good. I might have to talk to Mum about this. Rorf rorf he he he.

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

Finnegan said...

You eat all you want, Meggie!


Katherine and Pippa said...

I think you need a bigger bowl. Or Bootsie does. All big dogs need GI-NORMOUS BOWLS. And I am only a little dog compared with you. But I still need a big bowl. You will need to have a long sofarest after your scranny food. Pipps.